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1️⃣ Monero 1️⃣

Monero is a privacy coin that I have covered quite a few times. It has somem of the most advanced tech in the space when it comes to ring signatures, mining algorithms and transaction capability.

There are a number of agencies that have been trying to crack the algorithm for a few years but all to no avail. However, the fact that they are trying to do so shows that they are concerned about the project and view it as a threat

There are a number of other reasons as to why I am bullish. Monero uses a mining algorithm that makes it more decentralised than Bitcoin. Also, it has the most liquidity out of the privacy coins. And, even if there is a situation in which centralised exchanges delist Monero, you can trade in a decentralized manner through the use of atomic swaps

2️⃣ Algorand 2️⃣

Algorand could be an attractive play if you are looking to diversify your “smart contract” blockchain exposure. Algorand is a blockchain that has actively set to solve the pretty well known “blockchain trilemma”

How they plan to acheive this is down to their highly performant consensus mechanism. It is called ‘Pure Proof of Stake’. The main benefit of this is that Algorand’s technology finalizes blocks in seconds.

There is also strong VC funding that could help to increase use case on the blockchain. You also cannot forget about the impact of USDC demand (it was integrated with Algorand).

3️⃣ Theta 3️⃣

Theta is a project that is looking to completely transform the way we think about streaming and online content delivery. They want to decentralise and democratize it.

This type of scale is all possible thanks to some pretty mindblowing streaming and blockchain technology. You also have to consider just how hot streaming is currently and most of it is in the hands of centralised entities.

Theta has a strong team and strong advisors. All of the token supply is already on the market and 55% of it is being staked.

When you stake your THETA, you also earn another token called TFUEL. These are burned every time that there is a transaction which of course reduces the available supply

4️⃣ Injective Protocol 4️⃣

The Injective Protocol is a decentralised derivative exchange that is built on Cosmos

It will allow users to trade spot, swaps and futurs in a completely permissionless way. They will also be able to structure their own derivatives on the platform and create a market for it

It is implemented as a Cosmos SDK module and is built with Ethermint. This basically means that it has one major advantage over most of the Etheruem based Dex’s on the market

This is because it is a layer 2 cosmos zone and hence does not have to put up with the congestion that other Ethereum based Dex’s do

5️⃣ BarnBridge 5️⃣

BarnBridge is a protocol for the pooling and tokenization of risk. It works by pooling funds on the platform and then allocating these funds to different Defi protocols

This therefore means that defi invesoters are able to invest in different risk tranches based on their yield and risk tolerance. This is called their ‘Smart Yield’ product and it was the first one that they launched

They are also working on a similar product called ‘Smart Alpha’.


📜 Disclaimer 📜

The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading Forex, cryptocurrencies and CFDs poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome.

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MTF Thaughts says:

Don't forget The Graph GRT

Total Lumber says:

Great content
by the way, i have started investing in Blockchain Hash Mining. i started my investment with 6btc and i receive 3.6btc biweekly

Uncle Fate says:

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Ricardo Castro says:

Could you let us know you thoughts about GRT Graph???

New World says:

$DSD is the first fully #defi compliant stablecoin thats now listed on #MXC_Exchange trade it here

Rems says:

Look chz bro 😉

Patrick sawyer says:

is Your content always this unique, progressive and eye opening, thanks for presenting such a clear information about crypto

Staggered Potato says:

I am the sun child…..I SAID I AM A SUNCHILD!!!!!!

FEBRUARI 1995 says:

I Hod some INJ

AH says:

Hey really enjoy your viedos. What is your view for Vechain 2021

Tianen Chen says:

I promise I will not sue you

I can't Hear kinda says:

The earth behind you makes your helmet look funny

No One says:

Login to PI crypto with the code Fiqomavria

Lucky M says:

Algorand 100


Zilliqa anyone……….Singapore………..hmmmmmm…………XRP S.E.C…………I'm going to a peaceful land.

మిరియాల kishore says:

Injective protocol made me rich

PlötzlichGelb says:

Where is my tangle gang here? IOTA all the way, top 10 coin 2021

Olaf R. says:

lol u realy don't have IOTA on the list with next year Coordicide coming ? XD It has the potential to revolutionize the complete DLT Area

dune racer says:

Monero will continue to grow but it's already at over $150. I think some of the other privacy coins will rocket as Monero continues to get more press. One in particular is Firo (formerly Z coin) a sleeper in the top 200 will explode next alt season.

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