What is an ICO – BIG Risks of an Initial Coin Offering Explained

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If you’re searching for an explanation of an ICO, or Initial Coin Offering, this video is your solution. An ICO is a a way for a developer to mint and sell a bunch of initial tokens to set the price and allow users to start holding and doing things with them. It also gives the developer any proceeds from the sale to continue further development on the project.

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Laurenz says:

Best chanel ever! Hope you get way more attention!


I’d like to see PAC PROTOCOL video next

ferdinand lazuardi halim says:

DYOR, but "my own research" consist of binge watching crypto YouTubers all day

MArtha Ling says:

Thank you for your great work and great video. Would be really helpful if you could make a video on how to read and understand white paper.

Bharat Pahalwani says:

Your videos are great. But please try to speak bit (10%) slower. Jumpimg back again again to catch few missed words. Thakes more time than actual video.

Kemone Moore says:

Send what all I need as far as white paper steps

DStroyGamez says:

did you really type Initial Coil Offering?? 😐

Terabonne Inc. says:

I don't know why you aren't at 1 million views yet. Well done. Excellent narrative. Awesome animation.

Flaexin says:

Whitepaper video please !

Dee Know says:

Another method could be an ISO.
Initial Stake Offering

Aaquil Ahamed P M says:

Bro drawing hand 😢😢

kermit1 says:

Do a video on $5 wrench attack

edofarido says:

video about whitepaper and how to read em letssgooooo

Omar Baha says:

Initial coil offering 😁

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