Why You Should Buy Bitcoin Before The End Of 2022 – Michael Saylor

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Why You Should Buy Bitcoin Before The End Of 2022 – Michael Saylor
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Credit: Preston Pysh
BTC099: Michael Saylor’s Deep-Dive on Bitcoin Energy Misconceptions
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Savvy Finance says:

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GrahamDyck says:

Says nothing about 2022


Saylor is definately not working in the interests of the people.

Dan Tee Sud says:

Scarrse? LOL!

Daniel S says:

Your title is misleading

Rylain Crestin says:

I think if it comes from worse to worst, Saylor should defend to CFTC and SEC whether BTC is a commodity or a security. We need to highlight here how well-versed Saylor is when it comes to BTC. Gotta love this guy for digging deeper into the fundamentals of this cryptocurrency, as we all should when we get in old or new tokens, especially when offered by launchpads like Polygen.

Dj Stacity Gareth walker says:

Bitcoin will be vastly adopted within the next 5 years or even months I agree with Michael .

Lorenzo Garcia says:

is bitcoin quantum resistant? lol

Paris Gaylord says:

Still, it will be much more productive to earn from Crypton cryptocurrency, because it has excellent price dynamics and it is profitable to mine it in the Utopia p2p ecosystem.

whocant says:

I will say again, Saylor is Satoshi and spends his daylight hours spruiking Bitcoin : however it keeps going down.

larry demonte says:

The meta is gonna be expensive to play

Deborah Crystal says:

We all know for sure that BTC is still king. I wasted no time at all to buy on Gateio. Now I'm just waiting for the pump.

eugene clark says:

<I think Sunny is right. BTC had exceptional growth over the years, now its time to consolidate a bit before the moonshot. Imagine this, 19.1K is current cycle bottom, then 25K top, after that crash to 10K. This forms AN EXPANDING TRIANGLE pattern and then it breaks out to the top. This is just a guess, it only works if 19.1k is the current bottom. Good to see everyone feels the same way when they lose money, everyone thinks they could do this or that with that money which is as good as gone, instead people refuse to seek help from professionals, Sunny Decree set to be different and unique, I have made about $470k already from his day tradng, all i did was to copy his daily signals, am done having heart breaks hodling and trading myself lol.

bigntasty says:

That's why bch is best…

Al DeTrolio says:

Saylor thinks bitcoin and NOTHING ELSE. He's gone off the deep end with his one minded speech. Monero is private money that promotes freedom like bitcoin was promised to be but isn't. But no one remembers that. Ethereum is wonderful in many ways too… This needs to be an open free marketplace. Saylor is poison to that correct philosophy because he sees only bitcoin as valid.

Marco Mondragon says:

He never says anything about 2022.

Scotty Smith says:

< I'm glad I got into crypto when I did because it’s been a turning point for me financially, been my best decision so far

benberkovic says:

All AMCxxx cryptos are SCAMS! Be careful people!

ZorbAvenger says:

Btc is farrrr from being "money." Money is fungible which implies privacy. Public ledger = surveillance coin.

astropigeon says:

This is the best Saylor interview in a while. Spitting facts!

S Broccoli says:

Wow nice speech

robert van der horn says:

If like Btc you will love TSUKA.

Dan P says:

Is it so that his company doesn’t go insolvent?

Milozadik Wishecouldski says:

Is this kid a bot? Sometimes the way he pronounces shit.

barney fife says:

And what does bitcoin do again?

markos Serton says:

He's so happy about the Recession coming in, like he's super excited to be witnessing it.

Renkli Toplar says:

As short on the opposite.

alessandro g. says:

What has the true decentralisation of Bitcoin, mineability, infinite parallel scalability, and has as well un-hackerable smart contract capability? Kadena. Just sayin'

Felix Cepeda says:

Man he hates other cryptos maybe he’s jealous

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