Your Altcoin Is Dying, Son

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In this video, I discuss the history of altcoins, their performance relative to Bitcoin, and what makes Bitcoin a unique asset.

From cycle to cycle, the top 10 crypto by market cap is constantly changing, with the one exception of Bitcoin, which remains the apex predator of money.

All other crypto denominated in BTC is trending towards zero, as are real estate and stocks as well.

Bitcoin is a unique asset due to its immaculate conception, credible forward monetary policy, lack of a pre-mine, high hash rate secured by proof of work, global brand recognition, first-mover advantage, deep liquidity and high market cap, its uneasy truce between nodes/miners/devs/exchanges/merchants, as well as its insanely devoted hodlers, who are willing to hold their Bitcoin through multiple deep bear markets and never sell, thus slowly removing supply permanently from the market.

There is only Bitcoin. Accept no substitutes.

Not investment advice! Consult a financial advisor.

95% of alts are going to die:

Solana Billionaire VC’s Are Laughing At You:

Terra Luna Buying Bitcoin Billions:

Coinmarket cap historical snapshots:



Current coinmarketcap:

What impressed Druckenmiller about Bitcoin:

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casienwhey says:

Most of my alt coins are not dying, they are already in the graveyard.

Richard Hubbard says:

You certainly brought back some memories on this one, Matthew. I played with those "alts" back then and got out right in time and watched them all get wiped out. Going to see it happen again but i wont be panic selling shitcoins this time 🙂 long live the king, BTC

Fanny S says:

Your dog coin is going to have to be put down soon 😂😂😂😂

p00ka64 says:

Info is book worthy

John Cool says:

you and crypto r us are my go to guys in buying bitcoin..
both of you believe in the btc product and i keep buying everyday on these unbelievable dips we are witnessing..

Dingfelder Smurfalot says:

Matt, do you think the latest — misguided butI think largely sincere effort — universally anti-crypto FUD video by The Financial Diet has topics worth discussing? Even if you don't bother talking about that vid specifically? I find it frustrating that people speak so loosely of crypto, as if BTC was essentially the same thing as Luna, or even ETH. There are nuances that it seems dishonest or tendentious to try to obscure. The whole video is saying blockchain has no uses, that crypto cannot by definition be both a store of value and a currency(I think Jack Mahler might disagree), ponzi schmonzi … It would be nice to see you helping to clear the air about this when apparently intelligent and well-intentioned people are calling all us bitcoin fans either morons or predators only in it to dump on whatever "greater fools" we can find or adhering to some sort of weird religious fervor or even being hard-right-wing fanatics.

Martin Gonzalez says:

Like many youtubers say If you want to conserve your wealth you buy Bitcoin, now if you want to make big profits you buy those altcoins that will make that happen, ofcourse you need to do your due diligence but it's not impossible…just saying (we all need to be open minded unless you're a bitcoin maxi🙂

Jeff Chapman says:

Matthew, I am a big fan. Would you consider allowing me to hook you into a short introductory conference call? I'll happy even compensate you for your time. Please reply if you're interested. Thanks in advance and continued success.

Stepper says:

Bitcoin is the first, the safest, the strongest, the most fair, the most decentralized and the only coin that will survive the WEF, IMF, NWO, etc.
I always believed all the other coins are kept unregulated and legal just so that Central banks have a almost free development of their CBDC's.
Like let the free market hire all the super expensive intelligent programmers, let them make all the mistakes, and when we see a product we like, we basically steal the protocols and ban those coins. We will call it decentralized, crypto, and all those nice tags which make people excited, BUT then its SAFELY regulated by corporations/government/banks (they basically act as one entity). Which simple mind cannot resist a SAFE CRYPTO? Especially with all their silly little idols promoting it!?

Intrepidgains says:

I can sum up this channel nicely. BTC is the only crypto that matters and all the other developers are trying to steal your money. It's like a sermon of devoted followers of BTC salvation. No other clan has legitimate ideas and are lesser people who deserve misery in their pursuit of happiness. Humanity has no ability to innovate beyond BTC as it was created perfect. Here to save humanity from short term thinking BTC is holy money and all other thoughts and opinions are from the devil and leads others away from the bitcoin salvation 😆 Don't invest or even dare to look beyond BTC. You will find no value.

U.S. Grant says:

According to Goldman Sachs, crypto prices correlated to young male employment. Basically it's a young male casino, as the employment is going to be falling in the coming recession, the amount of money this category of people are able to throw onto crypto casino table will also be dwindling. Bitcoin is going lower, much lower, and if it lingers long enough, the crypto market will completely collapse.

Gus Galvanini-Boldrini says:

You act as you are Peter Schiff who converted to !$lam 😂. There is no asset but (insert asset) and I am the prophet of (said asset). Still good videos. Love ya bro! I love BTC as well 😄

Ashley McIntosh says:

"Come on Btc, to the moon!",

Vivek Linus says:

What about the daily active user growth in projects like Solana?

Alex Tomar says:

The sobriety of this man is a service to the crypto community. I have had to completely rethink my expectations of the long-term sustainability of alt coins. I especially appreciated how he drew a categorical distinction between BTC and everything else- anonymity and and consistent growth unlikely any alt coin. Keep up the good work!

Asmar Bilal Sr says:

When I sold my altcoins cause of your video(especially my SOLANA) I was hurt and it was a tough battle wrap my head around. But I believed you Sir and I sold. And this is my confirmation. So I hope someone reads this comment and follows me on Instagram and purchases a K9. Thanks
Also I will say I have subscribed over years ago have my notifications on and advise this. So anyways k9 ( Ddr work line) serious buyers only.

Bogdan Calin says:

Boy I wish I was listening to your channel back when my portfolio was valued at 1.7 btc 🤣

Asmar Bilal Sr says:

Old in dog years son.

Samuel Zagarella says:

Thanks Matt, another awesome video. Your videos are the purest and best crypto info I have found out there. Many thanks.

Abdul Wahid says:

Yea but what shall we do with the alts that we have bought earlier and have lost 70% of value. I do want to put all in Bitcoin but now I have to wait or else it would just be a loss. What do you suggest in this regard?

Abcd Efgh says:

Celsius down 91% . Celsius will follow luna.

Sebastien Bechard says:

Love your content but be careful not to fall into the cockiness and the "I told you so"…. We all know you're the biggest BTC maxi but there are projects out there that are trying to create valid use of the blockchain technologies and not everything is a scam.. I agree that most of alt coins are shit coins that will disapear with time but there is good out there too.. we are so early in this space.. lets keep an open mind!

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